The Case for Homeschooling

I am a homeschooler; yes, I am thirty, but homeschooling will always be a part of my story, it is in the marrow of my bones. Growing up it wasn’t overly popular. People thought you were weird, had no social life and that you probably ate bugs or did some strange thing in school. Which none of that was true. This awkward way to view homeschooling has led to a negative mindset around the subject, but in the last two years we have seen homeschooling become more prevalent in our society. With schools being shut down for a worldwide pandemic most of today’s kids have done some form of online, in-home schooling. We have seen higher percentages of parents taking their children from the public school system for good and placing them within the home for their education (according to the United States Census Bureau homeschooling has jumped between 12-16%).

This trend of home education has also been spurred on by the radical agenda being set forth in our public school systems today and the lack of real educational value. With America falling behind on the educational spectrum of the world it seems fitting that there should be a change in the way we are educating our children and the best change can start in the home. Our public school systems are failing our children and indoctrinating them with a radical and harmful agenda. It is time as parents to step up and pull our kids out of such a harmful place that they will spend half of their lives in.

Homeschooling can reap the benefits of being a multi-facet platform. As parents you can teach your children what they should be learning and what is needed. Instead of every child being spoon fed the same material, the parent can tailor the curriculum to fit each child’s individual needs and learning styles. It not only gives the child an opportunity to succeed in school, but to excel in it. We all learn differently, homeschool provides the perfect space to be able to do that. Children are also able to excel in other activities and life skills. Their entire educational experience is not just wrapped up in an eight-hour day of learning how to standardize test, but how to thrive in the world around them.

I can honestly say as a former homeschooler, I am a complete advocate of it. We as parents should oversee our children’s education and I plan to take my son down the same educational path that my parents chose for my brother and I. I believe it is time to get our kids out of the indoctrination camps that we call the public school system and start teaching them real life skills and give them a solid foundation. The home used to be the central foundation of society and we for far too long have given the government and their educational institutions far too much power and say over our children.

I love the shift in a society that is seeing homeschooling as a better alternative than a public school, but if you are unable or not called to homeschool your children, I encourage you to still find a better option for your kids than what the public school system has to offer. If we want to see a real change in our society, it will come through this next generation, and we are laying the foundation for them to be that change. If you cannot get them out of the system then work diligently to instill truth, absolutes, and morals into them. The public school system has taken something that was beneficial, and they have turned it into something wicked.

It should be the greatest privilege of a parent to educate and teach their children. Homeschooling gave me opportunities that I would not have had if I was in the regular school system and it also taught me that it is essential to go against the flow of what society has to offer. It taught me the importance of critical thinking and how to determine my own opinions instead of being pressure by a teacher on how and what to think.  My mom was not an educator, having no college degree she taught us from preschool until we graduated high school, and she did it extremely well. If you are afraid you are not qualified to teach your children you are more capable than you know; also in this day-and-age there are so many resources and groups that we did not have access to growing up. I would encourage every parent to really take a hard look at the current state of the American education system and ask themselves if this is really what they want for their kids.

We don’t need a more woke generation, but one that is instilled with the knowledge and skills to make themselves better along with one another. If there ever was a time to go against the social norms it would be now, if we keep on this course of inadequate schooling and socialist agenda we will never recover, and our children will be paying the price. It is time to look at education differently and this time it starts in the home.