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Christmas is a season chock full of tradition. Family Christmas traditions, religious traditions, community traditions, a tradition amongst friends, neighborhood traditions and so on. Yes, for sure, we all love our Christmas traditions!

One of our family’s favorite, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of yours too, is the gifting! Don’t you just love finding the perfect gift for that special someone? Then the anticipation that mounts from you waiting to see their expression and finally their joy in receiving it! Yes, it’s a much anticipated tradition around here!

Personally I love the classic, simple gifts of Christmas. I adore giving gifts that are practical, personal and overall let the receiver know I was thinking of them specifically. Take a cue from children, they are so insightful! I have found my son’s gift ideas year after year to be perfect (and sometimes comical too, but that only adds to the charm!) for the person they were gifting.

It sure wouldn’t do us any harm in this day and age to bring back much simpler gifts while at the same time stressing the true meaning of the season.

So let’s dive into this gift idea list!

I’ve compiled some long standing traditional gifts as well as classic presents with a more modern twist. All of the gifts listed are made in the USA! Many of these are small businesses that would especially appreciate your business this season. So whether you’re looking for a gift for a boss, hostess gift, gift for your close friend, a gift for an elderly neighbor or even for a family, there’s something here for everyone! I tried my best to compile a very broad gifting list.

Enjoy…and merry Christmas giving!

  1. Holiday Jam Gift set (Kayterra Farms, Oklahoma) https://kayterrafarms.com/products/holiday-gift-box
  2. Texas Trio Pecans (Royalty Pecans, Texas) https://royaltypecans.com/products/texas-trio-gift-box?variant=33781698250
  3. DeLuxe Fruitcake (Collins Street Bakery, Texas) https://collinstreet.com/deluxe-fruitcake#size=5442
  4. Specialty Peanut Gift set (Hampton Farms) https://www.hamptonfarms.com/products/create-your-own-gift-box-4-pack
  5. Georgia on my mind basket (Lane Southern Orchard) https://www.lanesouthernorchards.com/georgia-on-my-mind-basket
  6. Foodie Gift 3 pack (Circle B Ranch, Missouri) https://usastrong.io/products/foodie-gift-pack-3-pack-usamade
  7. 25 piece Assorted Chocolates (Truman Chocolates, Texas) https://www.trumanchocolates.com/25-piece-box/
  8. Classic Christmas Puzzle (True South Puzzle Co.) https://truesouthpuzzlecompany.com/classic-christmas.html
  9. Murbles (The Murble Store, Florida) https://www.madeinamerica.co/products/murbles
  10. Mount Rushmore Puzzle (Anderson Design Group) https://www.andersondesigngroupstore.com/products/500-pc-puzzle-mt-rushmore-national-monument
  11. Candy Wrapper Puzzle (Vermont Country Store) https://www.vermontcountrystore.com/candy-wrapper-puzzle-1000-pieces/product/62773
  12. George Washington’s Choice Blanket (Bate’s Mill Store) https://www.batesmillstore.com/products/george-washingtons-choice-blanket?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&variant=448127169
  13. Woven Throw Blankets (Pure Country) https://www.purecountry.com/
  14. Azure Floor Sack Towels (Heirloom Living) https://www.heirloomliving.com/products/flour-sack-towels?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&variant=15402428072024
  15. U.S. Scratch-off Map (WayPoint Wanders) https://waypointwanders.com/products/muted-multi-color-us-scratch-off-map

*Disclaimer: Neither the author or AmericanMom benefit from commissions or otherwise from this list of made in the USA, small business products.