American Made Work WearPC: Unsplash

Not too long ago a certain label with a big, brown C kicked freedom in the mouth. American workers were outraged and felt a deep betrayal. We saw label ripping videos, bonfires of beanies and saw the big, brown C company switch off the commenting on their socials. They didn’t want to hear the voice of the American worker, the same ones who had built their brand.

So, a large chunk of Americans began looking to switch to companies who hold similar values as they themselves hold… and fortunately there are still some out there!

Round House Jeans

Round House has been making jeans in Shawnee, OK for 118 years! They are the oldest operating manufacturer in the state of Oklahoma as well as the largest manufacturer of American made jeans and overalls. Quite a record! When visiting their website stop and read over their amazing 118 years of history. Explore their photo gallery and see for yourself the deep midwestern roots Round House Jeans has.

Their product speaks for itself with its long history and you can be assured you will find excellence in workmanship. In addition to shopping their website for their famous jeans and overalls, you will find work pants, dungarees, shop aprons, brown duck jackets and more! They even make their overalls in baby and youth sizes.

Round House Jeans does not have a vaccine mandate for their employees. They value the worth of freedom, strength in family and respect for others, as is found boldly on their web page. With these company values and a proven record of over a century , this is a brand I want to get behind and support!

ACAL Clothing

Here we have a new company with a vision to expand into work wear. Right now all of their shirts, long sleeves and hoodies are made right here in the USA!

ACAL does not have a vaccine mandate for their employees. Head over to their socials and watch their informative videos. You’ll see a passion for freedom and the working American!

This is a company looking to grow and expand, so go support them with the American Made products they offer currently! Follow their journey as they branch out into more American Made clothing and work wear.

Each of us have a role to play in keeping our great nation free. Buying American made and supporting businesses that promote American freedom is something we each can do!

*Disclaimer: Neither the author or AmericanMom benefit from commissions or otherwise from this list of American made products.