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Have you ever wondered why Jesus called Himself the Bread of Life if bread is so bad for us? I mean, we all love bread, but often it doesn’t love us back. Side effects like bloating, weight gain, and carb crashes are quick to remind us that we “shouldn’t eat bread.” But what if bread could be good for us? What if a biscuit gave you confidence that your family was getting the nutrients they needed? What if the shame of pancakes and cinnamon rolls was replaced with improved health and wellness? If you love bread, you are going to really love Unsifted!

Sarah’s journey from box-mix baker to self-proclaimed Bread Evangelist started with the complete inability to make bread— and an empty pantry. Like the rest of us, she loved (and still loves) bread, but, also like the rest of us, she experienced negative side effects every time she ate bread (or gluten for that matter). That is, until she discovered an unsifted truth that changed everything.

After a deep dive into the nutritional properties of whole grain wheat berries, Sarah learned that the dreaded “carb consequences” are a result of how regular flour and bread are processed in America—it’s not actually the wheat’s fault! In fact, whole grain wheat berries are one of the healthiest foods in the world, with 40 of the 44 Key Nutrients our bodies need to thrive… including the natural enzyme we need to properly digest gluten! Sarah read countless testimonials from people across the country whose health had miraculously improved once they started milling their own flour, and the research was there to back it up.

This was the start of Sarah’s newfound and unexpected passion. She called up her friend Keira, a lifelong baker, and they decided to invest in mills, hunted down wheat berries, and began milling and baking with unsifted fresh flour—the results were immediate, and truly life changing! Not only was this bread soft and delicious, but both Sarah and Keira noticed tangible health benefits in things like weight loss, gut health, reduced inflammation, and improved liver function (with the bloodwork to prove it!). In short, Sarah and Keira discovered the miracle of whole food nutrition, eating bread the way God intended, and there was no going back.



Enter Unsifted®. Sarah and Keira started Unsifted to help others experience life-changing benefits of real whole grains and fresh flour baking. They engineer blends of whole grains to achieve exceptional baking performance, nutritional diversity, and that “just right” flavor. In short, they made fresh flour baking convenient, easy, and delicious! We, as a country, have been tricked for decades, being sold the convenience of box mixes, shelf stable flour, and cheap, mass-produced ingredients that are stripped of their nutritional value for the sake of extending shelf life and reducing cost. The reality is that where we might initially save a dollar by using commercial flour, we then turn around and have to spend ten trying to mitigate the resulting health consequences…so are we really saving? Or just deceived? If you want to change your life, unsifted fresh flour is a great place to start.

Sarah and Keira didn’t realize how sick they were until they felt well. As a nation, we’ve become complacent in living sick, not realizing that the remedy is right at our finger-tips; real food, straight from the source, unprocessed, and clean. Through Unsifted®, Sarah and Keira hope to make the health-shift of home-milled flour convenient and accessible to anyone who wants to elevate their daily bread (and enjoy it guilt-free!).

Daily Bread. Life Abundant.

Commercial flour is sifted to make the “fluffy white bread” that we all think we want – however, sifting removes the most nutritious parts of the grain. God created whole grains to be eaten in full, with each part working together to nourish our bodies. Sarah’s unsifted baking revealed an even more important truth. One night during a Shabbot prayer, she had a clear thought: don’t sift the Word. She was immediately convicted by the spiritual parallel to her physical transformation: what parts of Scripture was she throwing away because she wanted “the soft fluffy stuff?” Eat it in full. God’s word is there to sustain, and nourish, and protect us. Don’t sift the Word. Unsifted® truly captures Sarah and Keira’s aim to show others the life changing benefits of fresh flour, while pointing to the True Bread of Life who fully satisfies.

Daily Bread. Life Abundant.® Their motto summarizes the Unsifted® experience: enjoying unsifted bread daily gave them life abundant, and yet “not by bread alone.” Daily Bread, with a capital “B”, is both a gift and a pointer back to the true Bread of Life. Real bread has been here all along and was even mentioned as early as Genesis 3. There are over 365 bread and milling references throughout the Bible; experiencing the goodness of unsifted bread has brought new meaning and depth to these verses.

Join the Modern Milling Movement

We know this may not be where you are in your bread journey, yet. And that’s okay! But, if you’re ready to elevate your daily bread and embrace the power of God’s created earth, there is no better place to start than Unsifted®. Milling might sound intimidating at first, but it’s as easy as the push of a button! All you do is pour whole grains into your mill right before you’re ready to bake. Just a few seconds later you will have high-quality, nutrient-dense, unsifted fresh flour. From there, follow the recipe as usual. It’s really that easy (and just wait till you taste it!).

Probably the most intimidating part of making this change is the initial price tag. And that’s a very legitimate concern. However, if your family consumes bread on a daily basis, it’s probably worth making the switch, ensuring that what you consume is working for you, not against you. If your food is making you healthy, what would you be able to cut from your monthly or yearly expenses? Every family must make this decision for themselves—but Sarah and Keira are convinced (from real experience) that real bread is worth a little sacrifice up front, especially if it saves you heart-ache (belly-aches, headaches, and more) in the long run. In addition, Unsifted bread fills you up and satisfies you, meaning you don’t have to eat as much (or as often). Sarah saved over $500 in groceries across her first two months of milling, so the mill more than paid for itself. Other Unsifted® customers get together and buy a community mill, joining together in this real bread journey.

AmericanMom is super excited to partner with Sarah, Keira, and their Modern Milling Bread revolution to offer three lucky Knead November participants the chance to win either an Unsifted fresh flour kit (to taste and see the Unsifted® difference) or an Unsifted® gift card to help them on their fresh flour journey! Ready to join the movement? Head over to the AmericanMom Instagram (@weareamericanmom) to learn more about home baked breads!