The Exodus and the Shield: Taking Charge with Quisha KingPC: Quisha King

We are all lucky enough to live in a country that allows parents to choose between public school, charter school, private school, or homeschool. For now… It’s no secret that public schools have been the popular choice since their informal inception in the 1600s and more formal organization in the 1800s and beyond. A general education was the original goal, but the worst kept secret of modern public schools is that they are government machines created for the purpose of cranking out drone workers – not thinkers or free men. 

You might be thinking, “Not my school!” And you might be right. There are a lot of good teachers out there, and good schools. The problem with this thought process is, essentially, complacency. Because, at the end of the day, all public schools—and even private schools—are at the mercy, will, and whim of the government and its education policies. A good school may not always remain that way, and it can change in a heartbeat.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31

The Exodus

State funded education has betrayed generations in a few different ways. Some fair really well, but feel sucked into a pipeline that lands them in debt and at a desk job. Some take advantage of burnt out teachers, resulting in a half-education. Some are pushed through no matter their proficiency in any subject because, ultimately, no one cares about them and they get lost in the shuffle. Some are dragged into the ideologies and propaganda vortex. Some make it through but come out the other end and say things like “I could never homeschool my kids, I don’t know enough” – inadvertently pointing out the major failing of the same school they will then send their own child to.

Much to the chagrin of schools, the government, tech gods, and liberal talking heads, this spotty history of the schools in America has led to an exodus. Like in the days of old, when tribes and hoards of people left areas that no longer serve them for greener grass and brighter promises, parents are following the guidance of educators and fellow parents—like Quisha King—and leaving the entrapment of public (and even private) education behind. 

This one-size-fits-all system—now bogged down in political chaos, CRT, and gender ideology—does not fit everyone. And the people deemed terrorists by their own government for simply expressing concern over these issues are done. They’re out. They’re choosing to shield their children, guard their innocence, and find another way to educate them.

The Shield 

“Shielding children from this toxic, soul crushing institution will be our greatest victory as parents. Children are more depressed, more confused, less educated in meaningful ways, and less hopeful and more sexed than ever before. The schools have a direct connection to these outcomes. As parents, we have to reject the lie that we cannot educate and have incredible bonds with our own children.” – Quisha King

Parents are becoming shields for their children—absorbing the slings and arrows of the culture so that their children can grow, develop, and learn in peace.

And Quisha King is spearheading that effort. Not only through her own actions when she pulled her own children from school, but also by creating resources and a space for parents interested in doing the same.

As a shield, you are taking up the parental role as it has always been intended: as a protector. Our once very trustworthy society is crumbling before our eyes, but there is hope. You can stand up for what is right, for your children’s innocence, and decide how your children will be educated. 

If you don’t believe you have that power, look no further than Quisha King. A mom of two, Quisha faced the school board head on when CRT was running rampant through their curriculum. In the end, exodus was needed, and she hasn’t looked back. In fact, she’s looked forward, starting a podcast and blog, and creating the Mass Exodus Movement

We were lucky enough to grab a few seconds of her time and ask some questions about her story and her work!

A Q&A with Quisha King

Where did your journey to where you are now start? What was the first sign for you?

I have to say my journey started after the 2016 election where I started to question popular narratives and ideas I’d grown up with. Then I found Dr. Thomas Sowell, Walter William and Milton Friedman and what they said made a lot of sense.  Shortly after that a major transformation came when the Lord spoke to me and told me that my skin color had become and idol in my life.

This changed everything for me and more importantly how I raised my children.

Tell us about your public school experiences.

My public school experience was pretty normal in the sense that I felt like most of what I was learning was useless. I was exposed to many things that children shouldn’t be exposed to.  It certainly wasn’t as bad as it is today but the seeds of what was planted when I went to public school are being harvested today.

My children’s experience has been even worse. My oldest daughter was asked what pronoun she wanted to go by in 8th grade. Can you imagine being 13 or 14 and teachers, who are supposed to educate you, are causing you to be even more confused than before you went into the classroom? My youngest daughter’s private Christian school even started to get a bit too political for me. They were asking the children to donate to Ukraine and wear blue and yellow to show support. I mean, America isn’t at war. Why are we asking children and families to support this from school? 

But in actuality schools are a part of the State, so we really can’t expect for them to be partial.  The State will do what’s in the best interest of the State and we see that they don’t care who their agenda harms even if it’s children.


What does the word “exodus” mean to you? What kind of weight does it hold? And how do you want others to embrace the word and its meaning?

I take the word Exodus in its literal meaning, a large group of people moving from one place to another. It obviously has a Bible reference which for me gives it a lot of weight. I think the heaviness of the enslaved Israelites leaving Egypt is a perfect picture of the magnitude of the situation that we face right now with our children in public schools.


Every school is a little different, what would you say to the parents who strongly feel their local schools are fine?

I would say that they should remember that all public schools are the government. And we should question exactly what [you] mean by “my local school is fine”. Does that mean that your child has a good teacher? Or that the school is an “A” school? Or that you’ve never seen any of the woke ideology?

The fact is, the people that work in schools are strangers. We do not know who they are, what their world view is or anything pertinent about these people. They have gone through the university institutions and that in itself can tell us a great deal. But in no other circumstance would we drop our children off to strangers for 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 13 years and actually believe it has no effect on our children.

If nothing else, it separates your children from their strongest asset, their family. 


What is your best tip for anyone who wants to start going to school board meetings?

If you feel like you need to go to a school board meeting, that is the first sign you need to get your children out of that school. Because whatever you’re going before the school about is still happening to your child while you’re attempting to change the policy. Since you don’t know when or if the policy will be changed, your child’s mental and physical health comes first. Once your children are in safer learning environments it’s easier to advocate for change.


When you founded the Mass Exodus Movement, what was the original goal? How has it grown/developed since then?

I founded the Mass Exodus Movement in 2021 and the goal was to give parents the resources and encouragement to get their children out of these dangerous schools that seek to corrupt their innocence. It has truly grown, since then, we have seen millions of children come out of the public school system and I know this was not the Mass Exodus Movement alone but I do believe it played a part. Parents, particularly moms, come up to me all the time and tell me I gave them the courage to leave. It’s very humbling.


Do you think it’s possible to reform the school system? Why or why not?

In all honesty, I do not think it’s possible to reform the public schooling system, because this is what it was meant to be. It was intended to kill the imagination, dumb down the child and make them minions of the state. However, I believe we can change how educating the American child is done.


Is there a way to support good teachers who want nothing to do with the current degradation of education?

Yes, I think we can encourage them to start their own co-op or micro school in their community.  They can make more money, actually educate children and feel good about what they do at the end of the day.


Tell us about your workshop! What can we expect?

Yes, I’m super excited about it! After going to all the school board meetings, being called a domestic terrorist, and the non-stop CRT and gender ideology that I’ve seen coming out of public schools, I realized that we keep going to external solutions instead of internal ones.

Everyone is talking to our children but us.

The culture is talking to them every day, the schools are talking everyday and have their ear the longest, and parents are talking the least. I’m holding a FREE workshop where I show parents how to rebuild their connection, stop the indoctrination right when it happens in the classroom, and help children provide a strong defense for their faith. Parents have an opportunity to go dive deeper into the lessons with my Raising A Purpose Driven Child Academy course. 


What are the next steps for you? 

I plan to help parents see that they hold the answers to a better society and a great next generation. and not letting our first response be to the government.