Real MotherhoodPC: Unsplash

Today, as I was cleaning out all the well-intentioned vegetables in my refrigerator, I thought about those superwomen who not only grow their own veggies, but actually feed them to their families, as well. 

And then I thought about the rest of us. 

I thought about the mommies of toddlers who are barely surviving day to day, let alone making baby food in a blender from freshly grown carrots, from her perfectly tended garden. 

I thought about the working woman who works all day and still cooks at night. Her veggies come from the frozen food section and she’s ok with that. 

I thought about the vegetables in my own fridge, the ones a farmer grew and who needs to make a living. I’m happy to supply him with a few dollars so he can keep feeding his family too. 

We can’t all be bread bakers and vegetable growers. We can’t all have sparkling white kitchens and organic herbs growing in the window. 

We can’t all feed our babies organic food while carrying them in an organic sling, while we make tofu and lentils for supper. 

We can’t all bake our own bread, using only organic flour and wheat we ground ourselves. 

Some of us still buy regular bread, bar soap, frozen vegetables, pasta, hot dogs and sugar.

Some of us are just doing our best to not get on the crazy train after a long day. 

Now, I’m not knocking the woman who can pull all of this off. But, to present the illusion that this is what motherhood is, is doing such an injustice to those who just want to raise a healthy family – in mind, body and soul. 

Can we just stop the madness? All the “authentic” people who are really just copycats of all the other “authentic “ people, are impossible to imitate because it’s not real! 

So regular ole mommas out there…be the best you can be on the good days. But on the hard days, put your babies in the playpen for goodness sakes! Give them a few cookies with sugar. Heck…let them try Koolaid too! Then sit down and relax for a minute before getting up to fix Hamburger Helper for dinner. And throw in a side of frozen peas. 

Your family will still look at you with all the love, because they just want a happy mommy, not a perfectly put together, stressed out mommy. 

Social media is breaking our brains and we need to get back to just being real people, with real limitations. 

We need to get back to being real women, with real families, real friends and letting go of the illusion that we have to do it all, every day.

It’s impossible, it’s exhausting and it’s unrealistic.

I think it’s time we admit it. 

Until Next Time…