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Have you ever found yourself tired, worn out and restless, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was bothering you? 

Well, I’m going to surprise you and tell you that you need to add one more thing  to your list of things to do.

No, it’s not more housework, busy outside work, games with the kids or even a night out with friends…it’s called creative rest and you need to add it to your weekly routine, if you want that nagging feeling to go away!

Here’s an example for you:

Years ago I started a fun hobby creating journals out of notebooks. I use a variety of supplies, such as scrapbook paper, stickers, washi tape, stamps and any drugstore notebook I can find, that feels good when I pick it up. (My family teases me for my sticker collection, but this is what I use as an alternative to doodling or drawing, which isn’t really my gift.)  I store the supplies right next to my desk, so when the moment of inspiration hits me, I have everything I need.

Normally I use these journals for jotting down ideas for stories, taking notes while reading my Bible, or copying quotes from books that I’m reading. I will also write lists, goals and even meal and menu suggestions for the week.  

But recently I’ve found another way to use my journals that has been a game changer for days when the creativity is waning, but the craving is still strong.

I’ve started cutting pictures from all the magazines I have laying around and taping them into my journal. I only choose pictures that spark memories or an idea that comes to mind when I see it.  I tape one or two pictures on a page and use the images as writing prompts when I need to write, but don’t have a particular topic to write about.

This has fulfilled my need to write on many mornings when I, otherwise, would have been trying desperately to think of what to say.

Pictures have always been my partners in blogging or writing, because I’m such a visual person. So this is a great alternative to those times when I don’t have any personal photos to share.

I might spend 5-10 minutes on a notebook in the morning or even a little bit of time on one in the evening. It’s not something I stress over, like a project that has a deadline. This is something I do to relax and it works every time. 

Of course, your thing might be sitting down at the piano and playing for 15 minutes. It could be art, decorating, cooking or any number of hobbies that help you express your creativity. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, CREATIVE REST is a real thing. 

If you’re a creative person, but you’re not spending any time creating, then you might recognize that aching feeling, like something is missing.  Your days are busy working and running everywhere, but deep inside of you, there is this nagging feeling like something’s not right.  

That’s your creative spirit telling you to take some time to create!

Creating is not a burden for those of us who need it. It’s actually the therapy that calms our spirit, feeds our soul and fills us up to do all the other things we need to be doing.

So, to all of you creatives out there, go create something today! And do it a few more times this week and next.  Your creative soul will thank you and you’ll feel more prepared for the days when life is busy with the serious stuff.  

Until Next Time……