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Why AmericanMom?

The seed for AmericanMom was planted nearly a decade ago. We had the idea to create a community for women across America to come together and support one another in the most important jobs God has blessed us with — being a mom, partner, and caring friend.

Since then, we’ve watched a growing divide in our country and have noticed that it’s spilled over into the Mom community. And, now 10 years later, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for AmericanMom to blossom.

Being a woman has enough challenges as it is, so we decided to create AmericanMom as a space where no woman gets left behind. We’re here so that:

  • There’s a safe space online to share our experiences, hardships, and successes without fear of backlash or retaliation.
  • Women from all walks of life can connect and share their faith journeys, conservative values, lessons on homemaking and parenting, and so much more.
  • We can find common ground between each other and become a unifying force of women raising America’s next generation.

While our community represents a diversity of parenting styles, lifestyles, interests, and experiences, it’s our goal to celebrate each other, find our similarities, and respect our differences.

We hope that through the common threads American women share, this online space will inspire others towards mutual respect, open conversation, and kindness.


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