Made in America: Valentine’s Gift IdeasPC: Unsplash

Valentine’s is a fun time to show the ones in your life how much they’re loved. It’s more than a romantic holiday, it’s an opportunity to make a grandparent, grandchild or even best friend feel especially loved.

If you are looking for token gifts for this Valentine’s Day, look no further than this list of Valentine’s gifts made in America!

Valentine’s Chocolate:

Bedré Chocolates
This Oklahoma-based chocolate company focuses mostly on gourmet, fine chocolates, but they do throw a few novelty chocolates into the mix. (My favorite is the Potato Chip Chocolate bar!) They have a few gift sets to select from, or you can always pick and choose to create your own!

The Chocolate Crocodile
The South is known for alligators, but after tasting a truffle from this chocolatier you’ll have crocodiles on your mind! This Southern-based chocolate company has a wide variety to choose from, including dipped apples, specialty fudge, and a vast array of boxed chocolates.You’ll be sure to find something your Valentine will love.

Trump Sweets
Milk chocolate covered almonds, anyone? Crunchy almonds paired with the creamiest milk chocolate make for a luxurious blend of sweet and salty. These covered almonds are also offered in dark chocolate and organic dark chocolate. Trump Sweets come in a set of two, so there’s one for your Valentine and one for you!

Pearson’s Candy
This candy confectioner famously combines chocolate and nuts to make a cluster bar with a chewy maple or vanilla center. These nougat centered chocolate bars are a sure Valentine’s delight!

Valentine’s Sweet Treats:

Jelly Belly Candy Company
We’ve all had conversation hearts at Valentine’s, but what about conversation jelly beans? That’s just one of the fun candies Jelly Belly has concocted for the sweetest holiday. Between their sour lip shaped candy, buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans and chocolate covered jelly beans, this is America’s go to for interesting Valentine treats!

Hammond’s Candies
Famous for its handmade candy, it’s a one stop shop for all your Valentine recipients. Their beautiful lollipops boast of flavors such as ‘strawberry shortcake’ and ‘organic cherry.’
 There’s even heart shaped lollipops in red and pinks! These Valentine sweets are sure to cheer up anyone of any age!

Bacon Mamma Jamma
If you’re looking for something sweet but really different for your Valentine, candied bacon jerky is it! Thick slices of bacon with a brown sugar candy coating are the perfect gift for your non-traditional Valentine. This on-the-go snack is ready to eat, so go ahead and order one for your sweetheart!

3 Bros Cookies
Stroopwafels are a Dutch favorite, but did you know, you can get these fresh from Georgia? Yes, 3 Bros Cookies works hard to deliver up the freshest stroopwafels in the USA! Their Valentine’s box is a combination of the original caramel filled stroopwafel and chocolate dipped ones. Beautifully packaged and ready to gift, these are sure to be a hit this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Gifts:

Big Plush
Stuffed animals are a known favorite for Valentine’s Day and these American-made ones beat all! A 14 lb. pink unicorn, 8-foot teddy bear and a 5-foot stuffed puppy dog are just a few of the novelty stuffed toys this company boasts! Bring a huge smile to your Valentine with one of these giant, plush stuffies!

Pure Country Throws
There’s an American-made throw for every occasion, including Valentine’s! Pure Country Throws offers several lovely options to choose from, and their soft throws are the perfect blanket to snuggle under with your Valentine. These woven throws are so lovely you’ll want to keep them out year-round!

*Disclaimer: Neither the author or AmericanMom benefit from commissions or otherwise from this list of American made products.