A 2023 American Christmas Gift Guide

It’s Christmas time already and that means another gift guide for your patriotic friends and family! This is by no means a comprehensive list, but we wanted to pick out a few of our favorite all-American brands and give them some extra love during the Christmas shopping season. Without further ado, here are some fantastic American Christmas gifts to give (and receive) that also support local, American businesses who don’t give your money to causes that don’t serve you.

For Women

Surrender Your Story by Tara Sun

Tara Sun’s gorgeous book invites women of all ages to relinquish their anxieties and control and put their life into the hands of our Creator. Drawing on scripture and her own life experiences, Tara offers advice and guidance on how to “let go of your death grip on control and find freedom in surrender; learn how to truly trust God with the twists and turns of your story; depend on God as your source of strength; and move forward in faith, even in the face of life’s disappointment and setbacks.”

Surrender Your Story would be especially great for your bestie or any woman facing a difficult season.

Sourdough on the Farm 

One of our new favorite Knead November partners has great gifts for the passionate bread baker or pastry chef on your list! Get them started strong with the Sourdough on the Farm sourdough starter, or gift them a lesson in successfully making sourdough! Jamie, the Sourdough on the Farm founder, also has bread tools like the dough whisk, and other fun gifts like hand-sewn aprons and cutting boards!

Jamie really inspired us with her breadmaking journey – starting with her weekly bakes with her children all the way down to her current store that helps feed not only her family, but her community! Sourdough on the Farm has grown a ton since its humble beginnings, and we’re honored to support this amazing AmericanMom!

Prois Hunting

Prois was founded by Kirstie Pike, who set out to create high quality hunting gear for women. Find everything you need from an all-American company that doesn’t support causes you’re against. All Prois clothing and accessories serve the specific needs of women while they are outdoors in all terrains. Prois sells hunting gear that supports all outdoor pursuits and passions including neck gaiters, gloves, boots, jackets, shirts, backpacks, and knives. 

Some of our recommendations include the Tintri Lightweight Pant and the Greann Jacket

For Men

Dr. Squatch

There is lots to love about Dr. Squatch’s soaps and personal care items. First of all, they are designed by men, for men! Which means that they focus on addressing any issues and needs that men would specifically have. It’s nice to have a space just for men, and Dr. Squatch makes that happen with their goal of educating men as well as providing high quality, non-toxic care products. Dr. Squatch also offers a Hero Discount of 10% to military personnel, first responders and medical professionals. Learn more about their other good work here, and don’t forget to grab a bar of soap, or one of their bundles before you go!


A U.S.-based company, Serremo offers tactical clothing and gear primarily for men. From hoodies and jackets, to flannels and sweaters, to backpacks, gloves, and chest rigs, the Serremo goal is to provide high quality clothing and gear for outdoorsmen and hunters. They even have ghillie suits

StopBox USA

StopBox USA was started as a solution to the plethora of firearm safes on the market that require batteries or rely on slow mechanisms or codes. Instead, StopBox technology requires nothing but your own hand and a hand gesture coded lock. Simple, yet incredibly effective, these gun safes are perfect for any gun owner who wants to keep their firearm out of reach of children, but still accessible when needed. Oh, and everything is made right here in the U.S.!

Try out the original StopBox

For Children

Holy Pals Pajamas

Depicting some of our favorite and most precious Bible stories, the Holy Pals pajamas and bedding are adorable gifts that help make Christmas and other Church holidays extra fun. You can buy matching sets for the whole family or just make sure the children – from newborn to 14 – have matching pajamas for Christmas morning. Shop the Holy Pals Christmas Designs and explore their options on their website.

Brave Books

Brave Books is a wonderful, conservative book publisher that produces books covering a number of important issues in an approachable way. Age appropriate materials and clean books can be hard to come by these days, but Brave Books is part of the solution and happy to publish books by authors like actor Kirk Cameron, the Hodgetwins, Elizabeth Johnston, David J. Harris Jr., Missy Robertson, and more. Shop the whole Brave Books Collection. Right now, when you shop, use coupon code AMERICANMOM.

Fat Brain Toys

These American-made toys span the spectrum from just for fun to educational, to toys that aid in developmental growth. Purely sold online, the Fat Brain Toys pipeline cuts out the middleman, cutting down on expenses and keeping their designs small-batch to maintain high quality. The Fat Brain Toy promise is “quality, open-ended toys, games, and gifts that both entertain AND educate.” They have great options for children of all ages including Edible Chemistry Kits, Dado Cubes, 3-D Home building kits, games, water and bath toys, trucks and cars, and so much more!

For Anyone!


The VanMan is definitely a “for everyone” place. The tallow balm, toothpaste powder, honey lip balms, and more are designed to bring everyone back to the basics and keep your whole family nourished from head to toe. An all-American company if there ever was one, VanMan has a vision of revitalizing American industry and farms through products with real ingredients that fight big-pharma and big-toothpaste. Learn more about the VanMan mission, and shop their tallow, mouth wash, and more in the shop.

80 Acre Market

This family-owned company’s humble beginnings have grown on the foundation of a people-first philosophy. Now a 1-million-square-foot work campus in East Texas and an online shop, 80 Acre Market sells an eclectic collection of home goods, kitchen wares, toiletries, clothing, kids toys, books, decor, and more. All with a bespoke feel and a mission to serve house, home, community, and family. You can find something for everyone in their lovely, boutique-style shop.

For women, there’s the Oversized Leather Tote, for children there’s the Plush Corduroy Manta Ray, and for babies there’s the Taco Rattle.

Liberty Tabletop 

This family-owned, New York-based company is the last flatware company in America. All of their materials and products are produced in the U.S. and they create a variety of kitchen, tabletop, and home essentials that make the perfect gifts for anyone on your list!

Some of our favorites are the Grand Estate wine glasses, Bullet Rocks glasses, cast iron cookware, wheel-thrown pottery collection, and cutting boards

EveryLife Diapers

Admittedly, these are only really for babies. However, supporting EveryLife means supporting a diaper company that doesn’t support abortion – and that benefits everyone! For the new mom, these diapers are the best gift! These diapers are chemical-free which makes them the perfect diaper to care for babies this Christmas.

AmericanMom has partnered with EveryLife to offer 10% off your first order! Just use code AMERICANMOM at checkout!

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!