8 Upcycling Crafts for Children

For the month of July we are nourishing our homes by reducing, reusing, and recycling for a more self-sufficient home. And children can get involved too! These simple crafts are a great way for children to not only have fun creating, but learn the value of making the most of what they have at their disposal. Work with your children to build sock worms, transform egg cartons, build dioramas, and more!

Easy-sew Book Sleeves

These amazing, easy book sleeves from Pin Cut Sew Studio are a great way to use up extra fabric and ribbon laying around the house. They also help preserve books as they travel. Almost anyone who is able to work a sewing machine is capable of making these book sleeves (especially since there is also a video tutorial) so it’s the perfect craft for young readers.

No-sew Sock Worms

Sock worms are just super cute and because they are no-sew, any age can participate in this craft! Grab some old socks and create some sock worms. This is a great activity for fine motor skills in toddlers and as a way to encourage creativity. You can also take this activity to the next level by adding sand to create door stoppers. Find all the details at One Little Project.

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars 

Encourage little explorers by creating a fun set of binoculars out of old toilet paper or paper towel tubes! These can be decorated a hundred different ways, so let the little ones go crazy with it. Find the instructions for this recycled art craft on Happy Toddler Playtime.

Tin Can Planter

It’s hard to avoid tin cans, and even hard to continue to find ways to reuse them. A great way to engage children in recycling as well as gardening is to create a child-friendly garden with tin can planters. This craft from The Crafted Sparrow is a simple how-to for painting the cans—then you can plant anything you want inside!

Egg Carton Ladybugs

If you don’t have your own chickens, then egg cartons probably fill your house. Egg Carton Ladybugs a brilliant way to repurpose cardboard cartons and turn them into adorable bugs. Find all the instructions at Creative Green Living.

Egg Carton Seed Starters

Whether you’re planting at the beginning of the season or just want to have a classroom plant, using egg cartons is a great way to create inexpensive and compostable seed starter pots. The Egg Carton Seed Starter is a fairly easy craft, but you can find other instructions and material lists at The Kitchen Garten.

Box Aquarium & Dioramas 

Who doesn’t love a good diorama? This classic of classrooms is a super fun way for kids to build a little world, continue exploring something they’re learning about, or simply make their own decorations. Head over to The Best Ideas for Kids to learn how to make an aquarium diorama!

Bug Catcher Jar

Butterflies, beetles, lightning bugs, and more can be caught and stored in this adorable bug catcher jar. Reuse old glass jars and let the kids run wild catching bugs. Only a few materials are needed for these. Get the full list at Creative Green Living.

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