My View from Behind

Long ago,- it actually seems like an eternity ago- I snapped a photo of my 4 and 2 year old, holding hands, and balloons after a long day of theme park fun. Their Dad was beside them and I was about 10 steps behind. I remember that moment so vividly- as if God whispered, “slow down, walk behind, and remember this”.

This wasn’t the last time that I slowed down and snapped a photo of my little family. It almost became second nature for me. I would slow down, intentionally drop back, and take it all in.

Inevitably, one of my kids or my husband would realize I was steps behind- and would shout something to the affect “C’mon Mom- you’re so slow”! Or, “why are you always behind?!”  I would then scurry to catch up (and scurry it was- I am infamous for my running abilities) and join my family and continue walking toward whatever adventure we were heading to next, with a coy smile on my face- as if I had a secret they didn’t know. I had snapped a picture and froze that moment in time.

My small children are no longer small, but rather middle schoolers and my oldest starts high school in the fall. I am fully aware once high school begins- it flies by with lightning speed and my girl will be grown, then gone. My tiny family will become smaller.

In the chaos of the world, the devil is quick to dangle distractions and comparisons in front of us, hoping we would fall into the trap set forth by worldly and selfish diversions.  In this season of life, it is easy to lose sight of the wonderful gift of family and togetherness. What an absolute, perfect gift is a husband and children. What a wonderful testament of God’s love for us. What a blessing to be able to share life with people you love. God’s perfect design yet we seem hell-bent on making it awful and outdated.

I plan on continuing to hang back and snap pictures of my people any chance I can. It has become one of my favorite secret Mom things (well, not so secret anymore). I highly recommend it to other Moms out there as a unique way to document your people. I’ve wrote about it before- I don’t think God will grant me a time machine for Mother’s Day, so these simple photos might be the next best thing.