3 Girl Scout Alternatives for Conservative Girls

If you don’t like how something is run, build your own. This is becoming a more and more common theme for conservatives, moderates, and Christians. Just because we are in this world does not mean we must be of it, so we should not be ashamed or scared to build our own organizations that teach our values to the young ladies in our communities. Remember, your immediate surroundings—the one you carefully curate—is the village. Not the entire world, and certainly not the government, and definitely not organizations that have monopolized the youth engagement sphere. While we love the origins of organizations like The Girl Scouts of America, and encourage young women to find their people wherever that may be, it’s important that we support spaces and organizations that value what we value. So we’d like to shine a light on 3 Girl Scout alternatives for conservative young women.

The Importance of Community

Phrased in another way: why does this matter? Answered simply: because our young women are the future leaders, mothers, friends, wives, and cornerstones of American principles and culture. It matters, because we, as conservatives especially, need to break free of the go-along-to-get-along mindset that has fostered a moral-free culture. It matters because young women are under fire from all sides these days—they are told by feminists that they have no rights, manipulated by the media into believing the “system” is against them, and pressured into denying every God-created part of themselves by a culture that no longer values femininity and motherhood.

Girls need a space where they can find peace, friendship, and support during their most delicate years without radical political agendas pushing and pulling them. Girls need to be girls, they need solid foundations, and they need role models who help them become the outstanding women they are meant to be.

American Heritage Girls

American Heritage Girls was started in 1995 as a Christian response to the Girl Scouts. A group of mothers was unhappy with how the scouts handled matters of faith and culture, and decided to start an organization designed for the “betterment of each girl’s community while strengthening her walk with Christ.” The mission quickly grew and now girls between the ages of 5 and 18 can enjoy the AHG program in all 50 states as well as 15 other countries.

The AHG program is based on 6 emphases: Faith, Leadership, Social & Emotional, Outdoors, Citizenship, and Life Skills. Girls also go through a badge program, 5 program levels, and dozens of age-appropriate activities and projects.

Boy moms! Check out Trail Life USA for a Boy Scouts alternative!

Find a Troop 

Frontier Girls

Founded in 2007 by Kerry Cordy, Frontier Girls was another Girl Scouts alternative that quickly grew. They operate similarly to the Girl Scouts with a badge program, outdoor activities, and more as well as the central goal of offering “the opportunity for girls to earn badges, participate in community service opportunities, explore the outdoors, and learn the confidence and character to become great leaders.” Unlike the Girl Scouts, though, Frontier Girls is a purchased program that is then run independently of a central organization, opening the opportunity for this community to any group who wants to participate. Focused on a homeschooling model, the Frontier Girls program allows personalization depending on faith and other values while holding dear to America’s founding principles and Judeo-Christian values.

The Frontier Girls Motto: If you see a need, take the lead!

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Pioneer Clubs

Pioneer Clubs are open to both boys and girls, another alternative that integrates biblical teachings with outdoor experiences, fostering spiritual growth, character development, and leadership skills. *They are open to both boys and girls.


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In a world full of shallow connections, let’s give our girls a chance to find fulfillment and meaning in life-long, in-person friendships with like-minded young women who will help them grow to their full potential. Community is not an option anymore, it’s a necessity, and we must be willing to think outside the box that has been given to us to create the world we want to see.