Long Live the Tomboy

Thank God there are generations of us who grew up with parents who saw us through our tomboy years without talking us into believing we were born in the wrong body. Tomboys are under attack in modern day society; little girls who like to play in mud, who keep up with their brothers, who tackle hard chores, who don’t love the frillier things in life, aren’t scared of roughing it, and just want to be one of the gang are at risk of being told that all of those things make them a boy. 

Goodbye Childhood Innocence

How many of us had days where we refused to wear a dress? In another time, with different parents, we might have been whisked away to a gender clinic.

How many of us absolutely adore pink? If you don’t then you must be a boy. 

How many of us babbled out repetitions of what our parents were saying when we were babies? In today’s world, if your mom says boy and then you babble back “boy”…well, then, that means you identify as a boy. 

This is just a piece of the war against children in our modern society. We haven’t even scratched the surface. Now children have to navigate the minefield that is teachers sharing their sex lives, being peer pressured to announce their pronouns, sexually explicit books, white children being told they’re the oppressors and black children being told they are oppressed, and the fear mongering of climate change doomsdayers. 

All on top of the normal bullying, social stressors, growing up, puberty, and unknowns of being only a few years in this world.

Lost in technology, assigned a sexual identity before they can walk, robbed of big back yards and neighborhood gatherings, and bombarded by political agendas and social causes, children have it rough these days. All of this is to say, we’d like to do a little tribute to the tomboy.

This is for the young girls subjected to a world drowning in a brand of feminism that bullies them, and an LGBTQ etc., etc. mob that gaslights and manipulates them into believing they are damaged and need to be fixed.

Screw that. We say, Long Live the Tomboy! 

Tomboys Are Not Damaged

The rollercoaster that is the transgender war against children continues to rage—especially in America—though the rest of the world seems to be waking up a bit (banning hormone treatments being the first sign), it seems we are far from the end of this fight. But transgenderism or not, there is a general movement of stealing childhood from this current (and the next) generation. Tomboys are not damaged. Tomboys are not transgender. 

Tomboys are just girls. Young girls who are embracing their childhood, whose innocence has not been corrupted, who are just loving life and following their passions, are not broken. If anything, we should take a bit of a page from their book. 

Obviously, we are all for instilling in young girls their fearfully and wonderfully made nature. They are girls who will find their own brand of femininity as they grow into women. But that’s just the point, we don’t tell tomboys they are secretly boys, we tell them that they are beautiful women with amazing capabilities and the God-given freedom to do amazing, beautiful things in this world. And that’s that. 

Let them be children. Let them find their femininity naturally and in their own time. Let them pursue all avenues of their interests before the world puts them in a box or labels them or mocks them. 

Let the tomboys be rough and wild and beautiful and spirited and passionate. Let her play, explore, and grow. Let her build strong relationships with her brothers, and find the friends who will have her back. She was born to be exactly as she is and, with the right nurturing and enough time, she will blossom into the bright young woman God made her to be. 

Long Live Tomboys!