Fall Inspired Names for Your Autumn BabyFall Inspired Names for Your Autumn Baby

Autumn, such a gorgeous season with its golden colors, cozy feelings, crackling fire pits and crisp weather. This season is a favorite to many. What a fun season to be welcoming your own little pumpkin!

If you’re considering naming your newborn after this beloved time of year, I have a few names inspired by fall. Of course, there’s always the lovely name of Autumn.

For the little girl I offer up Hazel and for a boy, Linus (meaning flax). Both names capture the diverse colors of the season. Ember (“spark”), Evelina and Elin (both meaning “light”) evokes the golden, fireplace vibe fall brings. All three are lovely choices for your autumn born daughter!

Woodland creatures is another great source of inspiration. In recent years we’ve seen an uptick in names such as Fox, Bear, Wolf and Fawn. But there’s also some handsome names out there that have woodland animal meanings:

  • Orson – “bear cub”
  • Bem – “bear”
  • Rudy – “wolf”
  • Lowell – “young wolf”
  • Oscar – “friend of deer”
  • Bernadine – “brave as a bear”
  • Kit – “a young fox”

For the little one born to outdoorsy parents, perhaps a name that refers to a seasonal sport, nature or adventure itself!

  • Laurel – “type of evergreen tree “
  • Bryn – “hill”
  • Evonna -“archer”
  • Bertram – “mountain stream”
  • Montgomery – “mountain hunter”
  • Kyler – “archer”
  • Ferdinand – “adventurer”

Regardless of what season your precious baby is born in, it’s always best to you choose a name you love!