Time to Rise: The Role of Mama Bears in Modern SocietyPC: Unsplash
Hy∙per∙vig∙i∙lant:: extremely or excessively vigilant: highly or abnormally alert to potential danger or threat.

Be the Mama Bear. This is a call to all Mama’s; we live in an age that we are called to be proactive and protective. We will be called hypervigilant, wear the name with pride. We live in a society that is after our children. They want to mold and shape them into the next generation with no morals or absolutes. Society as we know it is not made for the homemaker, we are looked down upon and told that being a mother is not enough. We need to have a something else and be a mom, trail blaze through the men and leave the children behind. Society can shape our children when our mindset is just that. Now please hear me, I am not shaming the working mother, this is a call for you as well. We need to protect our kids. This is a godless and dark age, sitting quietly and just letting things pass is not enough. We as mothers are warriors and soldiers, not in masculinity, but in wisdom and in truth. We are fighting a society that wants nothing to do with traditional and lasting values.

It is time to rise.

We raise up the next generation to be fighters, to stand when all the odds are against them and teach them to not grow weary when the going gets tough, because it is going to get tough. We set the bar and we lead by example. Mothers are the defense when the opposition is heavy. We teach our children not to be afraid and to stand up for truth. Rise Mamas, be hypervigilant, who cares if everyone thinks you look stupid; if that is the case you are probably doing something right. Study your values, know your beliefs and have an answer. Not everyone is going to like you and that is ok.

I truly believe that with enough moms who are willing to fight for their kids, we could change an entire generation. We could be the ones to heal generational trauma and rebuild a broken society through the people that we are raising. The fight is going to be hard and exhausting, we may even question if we have it in us, but let me tell you, we do. Anything worth fighting for is going to be hard and our kids are worth every fight. We have nothing to gain by going with the norm of the culture, but we have everything to lose and that right there is worth defending.

So, I charge you Mama Bears, stand tall and raise up. Raise yourself to the best you can be. Go against the flow of the culture, no matter how awkward it feels. Raise your children in tradition and truth, whether you are a working mom or stay-at-home the fight is still yours. Our kids deserve a better future and our children’s lives and well-being depend on an absolute truth. We were made as mothers to protect and care for our children, don’t let society do what you were called to. If I am called hyper-vigilant protecting and raising my child, I will take it as a compliment. There is no greater calling than to defend the defenseless. Defend your kids and raise them to be warriors. Maybe you are exactly what this generation needs. It needs voices that drown out the noise and lies, to let the light of truth in. That is what real bravery looks like, be brave Mama, our children depend on it.

It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it takes a Mama Bear.