American-Made Beauty Brands You’ll Fall in Love WithPC: Unsplash

One of my favorite memories with my grandmother, my namesake, is watching those old, classic black and white movies. On one particular afternoon I remember commenting to my grandmother about how beautiful the actress’s complexions were. I told her it reminded me of her wedding photos. She laughed as big as her small boned, 5’1” frame would let her and told me: “Our faces were raw! We used to scrub them every day with a vegetable brush to get that glow!”

Well, times have changed plenty since the 1940’s! But while I’ve never used a vegetable brush for my face, I still feel the need to get that glow perfected.

The options for women’s beauty products are expansive and it feels like it grows all the time. It can be hard to navigate your way through the choices. So, for me the first question I ask when it comes to deciding on a beauty product: Is it made in the USA? Because of looking for that important detail first, I’ve found and fallen in love with some amazing American beauty lines. Now, I won’t share all my secrets with you today! But I’ll share a couple!

Fresh Cosmetics
Michele from San Antonio, Texas began this venture 2 years ago. She’s a retired USAF vet, mother and now a new grandma! Michele sees her business more than just a way to support herself, she approaches it as a ministry. She desires to make it easier and more affordable for women to buy good, natural items for their body.

Michele: “I’m so passionate about providing things that are all-natural, affordable, and made-to-order. It really bothered me that those all-natural cosmetics are so expensive causing many to buy items filled with toxins because it’s what they can afford. I also didn’t like to think how old products are by the time you buy it and bring it home, so I decided to make products, made-to-order.  I want the customer to know it’s specifically for the individual and only a few days old.

The onset of COVID lockdowns, late Jan 2020, having nothing to do at home is how I decided to start a business! My military career was in financial management, so I had a strong foundation on how to start a business and thought, “why not? I have nothing better to do with my time”.  I’ve been having fun ever since! My mission statement is to provide all-natural products at an affordable price.

I would have to say the Coconut Milk Whipped Soap is by far my favorite. I love the scent; how gentle it is on skin (I have rosacea) and how you only need a drop size amount for each use. The toothpaste is my second favorite.”

I have to agree with Michele, her Whipped Soap is divine! I use the Coconut Milk and Cranberry and love them both equally. The Barely There Moisturizer is also a product from her line that I use daily. Browse Fresh Cosmetics complete list of items, there’s sure to be a new favorite go to for your beauty routine.

Collective Candor
Lauren, from the sunny state of Florida began her business adventure 1 year ago this April. Her focus is Cold Process Soap + Skincare + Aromatherapy. Lauren makes a lot of different bath and body products, but her soaps are what grabbed my attention! Each soap block is a work of art.

Lauren: “I am passionate about American-made products because they were designed and created by people who are sharing the same diverse American experience that connect us all.

Collective Candor is still in the beginning stages of life, created from a passion. It doesn’t financially support our family yet, but we are not done growing! Today, my personal favorite item is our Solid Lotion Bar. It’s a no mess, bring anywhere, lightly fragranced lotion stick made with raw, skin-loving ingredients.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share about my brand with you.”

Collective Candor has some new scents coming out for summer!

  • Watermelon Sugar
  • Jungle Lily
  • Sea Salt + Driftwood
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • & more!

These sound so heavenly, I can’t wait to try them. Pop over to see what Collective Candor has going on.

Both beauty lines offer exquisite, one-of-a-kind products. I hope you’ll consider them for your personal skincare as well as a gifting option!

*Disclaimer: Neither the author or AmericanMom benefit from commissions or otherwise from this list of American made products.