Just One Voice: Tiffany Smiley’s Campaign for SenatePC: Tiffany Smiley Campaign

“Now I’m pushing you.” That’s what Tiffany’s husband said as he encouraged her to run for Senate. When Tiffany’s husband, Scotty, was injured in Iraq, Tiffany became Scotty’s voice and advocate as they fought the uphill battle against bureaucracy—and won. Now, after years of hard fighting, rehab, and many wins and setbacks, the tide has turned and Tiffany is ready to lend her voice—the one that made her husband America’s first blind active-duty Army officer—to the American people.

Tiffany’s Platform

“We have to get back to fighting  for one another – instead of always fighting against one another.” – Tiffany Smiley

Tiffany is running for one of Washington’s Senate seats, hoping to bring unity back to the United States. A rural farm girl, Washington native, and mother of three, Tiffany is running for Senate to make a difference for her family and every single family in Washington and across America. She’s tired of the divide and knows that, right now, every family is struggling to afford gas prices and put food on the table. Every family is worried about the future and sick of the pettiness of party politics.

It’s time to stop worrying about political gains and start worrying about and fighting for American gains. After all, no matter our political affiliation, sex, race, or religion, we all have one salient thing in common: We Are Americans.

And Tiffany knows that she is up for the challenge, not only because she has the relentless support of her family, but because she is always carrying her family’s positivity with her. Through every challenge Tiffany and her family have faced they’ve always focused on what they can do, not what they can’t do.

She will be using this attitude and outlook to address some of the most pressing issues for Washingtonians today, such as the cost of living, skyrocketing inflation, out of control crime, and the fentanyl drug crisis. As Senator, she’ll be making getting government spending under control, properly funding law enforcement agencies, securing the border, and supporting tax cuts for America’s middle class top priority. By doing so, she hopes to lessen the burden on Americans across the country as key issues like the open border and inflation are addressed.

Additionally, she will be continuing her fight for America’s veterans that started with her husband. Already, Tiffany has been able to successfully advocate for the betterment of the VA, better treatment of veterans, and veterans rights — even taking that fight to the White House. She’s met with hundreds of other veterans and their spouses and worked tirelessly to ensure those who fight for our freedom get the care, treatment, and respect they deserve.

Ideal success for Tiffany looks like “delivering real results that make meaningful improvements in the lives of Washingtonians.” She’s visited all 39 counties in Washington state, she’s seen, first-hand, the border crisis, she’s raising three boys, and she’s ready to take on the enormous privilege of being a voice for her people in Washington, D.C.

Never Give up

Tiffany pulls a lot of her inspiration and drive from her family and their experience back in 2005 when she got the call that her husband had been injured by a suicide bomber in Iraq. That’s when her never-give-up spirit—that undeterred determination—was set in motion. From that day on, Tiffany has known what it means to fight for what you want and need.

“Women have a unique ability to see a vision for the future, while remaining fully present in the moment.” – Tiffany Smiley

Tiffany’s story is one of unmatched determination and a good reminder to all of us to never give up. If there is something worth fighting for, if you are trying to defend the good, the true, and the beautiful, then you have to embrace your strengths and never give up. During her race over the last 18 months, Tiffany has experienced plenty of negativity from opponents and the other side of the aisle, but she knows she has the strength of her family and the American spirit behind her, and she knows that just “one voice can make a huge difference.” It did in her family’s story, why wouldn’t it in America’s?

“My advice to anyone facing an uphill battle in life is: never give up and always use your voice, no matter what.” – Tiffany Smiley

Always Use Your Voice

“I was just one voice, but that was enough to make a difference for Scotty. So I knew that I needed to keep fighting to make life better for everyone else.” – Tiffany Smiley

As mothers and American women, we know the difference we make within our own families and communities. It might seem like our own little voice isn’t powerful enough to reach beyond our front door, but with the undeterred spirit—and a strong focus on our values and America’s founding principles—one voice can change the course of everything.

Often, over the last few years, we’ve seen a cultural shift guided by the loudest voices of a small minority. We’ve seen the destruction that’s devastated the fabric of our society. It’s only when one small voice speaks over the chaos and noise that the rest of us who feel alone find a fresh flush of confidence and community. One voice, that’s all it takes to turn a moment of loss and heartache into a fight for victory. Never stop using your voice to speak up for what is right.

Tiffany learned that lesson in 2005. Using her voice, she protected her husband, she affected real change in her community, she fought for veterans and their rights, and she can’t wait to use that small voice that said “no” to the bureaucratic machine all those years ago for the betterment of America.

Washington residents can vote for Tiffany Smiley on November 8, 2022. You can follow Tiffany and her campaign here and here.

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