Calling all American Moms!
We are so excited to host the second annual #KneadNovember and we want you to join the challenge!
The Challenge:
During the month of November, we challenge you to make, from scratch, every loaf and form of bread your family uses!
The Rules:

  • No store-bought bread allowed
  • All bread must be made from scratch
  • You can make any type of bread you like (sourdough, flatbread, rye, Italian, focaccia, dinner rolls, brioche, etc.)

There Will Be Prizes!

  • Throughout November we will be hosting giveaways to anyone who participates in the challenge and enters their name for drawing. Giveaways will include baking items, specific tools of the trade for bread-making, and more!

The Why: We are challenging our American moms to take up this challenge in response to the article by Sarah Smith of @smithfarm1914. Sarah perfectly outlined her own Why for making bread for her family, as well as the benefits of allowing herself to take the time to complete this task, what it means to her spiritual life, and the many lessons she’s learned about herself through her bread-making journey.

Have bread-fail, photos, or tips you’d like to share? Make sure you tag us (@weareamericanmmom) and use the hashtags #KneadNovember and #LetItRise.

Get started here with a recipe for sourdough starter!

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