Missing the BullseyePC: Unsplash

One of my favorite things to do is grab a coffee and walk down the aisles of red and white. The dollar spot is a must, and I can grab groceries while still browsing home décor and clothing. This favorite past time is now in the past. I have not shopped at my favorite retailer in almost two weeks. I stood by and watched them gradually conform to a social agenda that goes against every moral value that I have. I had enough and I haven’t been back.

Missing the Bullseye

To be honest this made me sad. I truly love going and walking around, it even kills the time with my toddler on long days. There comes a time though that I must stand on what I believe in. Where I put my money is a huge indicator of what I am for and the sexualization of children is not something I support. I have watched Target slide down a slippery slope of sexualization and I cannot continue to put money into a company that uses children to push their woke agenda.

I think people were surprised to learn that the designer of this new Pride clothing line is also a practicing Satanist. Why should this surprise us? This woke and social agenda that is after our children is rooted in evil and nothing less. What is sad is most of us are not looking to outrightly support evil, but we are just trying to buy groceries.

Fight Against the Agenda

How can we fight against such a big agenda? We start small, making the small sacrifices and in the big scheme of things, it isn’t a sacrifice at all. We as parents, as a society, need to start standing up and saying enough. Saying “Just live and let live” doesn’t work because it never just stays within the home of the person or people living it. The sin ends up in society and penetrates everything, because evil and darkness do not live in solitude. There is a war going on and if you are choosing not to see it, well, it is time to wake up.

It is time to start putting our money where our values lie and giving up things that will ultimately hurt our kids and destroy our souls. This starts with small steps; I am not asking anyone to give up anything and I am not asking anyone to give up everything all at once. This was my conviction alone, but I think we need to really start acting out on the convictions that we have. Being one person may not change the world and it isn’t going to change the worldview that this store abides by, but it will make my convictions stronger.

The Small Things

Giving up small things sometimes isn’t so small but giving them up for something greater will always be worth it. I haven’t given up every woke company that is on the market, but I am slowly trying. I am trying to find good alternatives that are so easily accessible to me through these companies. We don’t always have to sacrifice our convictions and morals on the altar of convenience.

My convictions are going to have to be greater than my luxuries. We make an impact by what we do and what we don’t tolerate. This agenda knows that if you can control the next generation then they control the world. We are seeing it play out now and for the sake of our kids we must start drawing a line in the sand and living by it. I know that this is a tough subject and honestly it has been tough for me. I have realized that I spent a lot of time and money in one place. I am hoping this makes me more conscience of where my money is going and that I can support other companies. This store is targeting something, and it is not something I can get behind and support, maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised; it is in their name after all.