We Need PeoplePC: Unsplash

It has been a while since I have written. The words in my head keep bouncing around, but they keep struggling to hit the page. This has been the hardest and most grace-filled summer of my life. Right now, I feel like I am living in an in-between, canceling an entire divorce, cutting back hours on a job and moving my son and I back home is a lot in short span of time. Throughout this summer I have seen God’s handprint on our lives.

I have had my family completely change their lives to make room for us, friends consistently checking in or driving almost an hour to my salon for a haircut just to be supportive. I have had people offer us a room to stay in if needed and cleaning jobs for extra cash. I have received letters and messages and gorgeous handmade gifts from people reaching out. I have had friends pray over me and for me, my siblings stepping up hard-core for my son (Auntie and Uncle are a favorite) and fellow stylist welcome me back to the salon that feels like a second home. I have spent countless hours talking to my closest friends, hashing everything out and praying the rest of the remaining hours.

The moral to this story is: We need people.

We need the people who will come along side us. The people that show up when life hits rock bottom. I cannot tell you how many people I have seen show up for me over the last six months. It truly is incredible. We can get so caught up in the business of our lives that we can sometimes forget the people we have. These people, they did not forget us, and I am forever grateful. I needed them, all of them. These are the moments that are remembered, because they were awful and hard, yet I saw God show up and He brought people with Him.

We need people.

People will always fail us, and we will always fail them, but knowing you’ve got each other’s back makes all the difference. I have learned so much from all of them. I am humbled to have such an amazing support group of family and friends. I pray that I can be that person; the one that shows up and presses in.  We weren’t made to be alone; we need to link arms with our people and live through the hard stuff with them. Because that is when it really counts, you know who your friends are when your life shatters and you have nothing to give.

Thank you, Family and Friends, for being my people, I pray that I am yours too.