Unvaxxed: Two Years Later

It has been two years since I wrote my now infamous Love Letter From Your Unvaccinated Friend blog post for AmericanMom.

Some might wonder why would I celebrate such an anniversary-but I can tell you that writing that blog post changed the trajectory of my life. Not only did it begin my journey with AmericanMom, but it closed the chapter to decades old friendships as well. 

When I wrote the one year update from this, I felt vindicated. I watched the media flip flop on the facts surrounding the effectiveness of the experimental drug, saw countless people “die suddenly”, and others suffer from multiple illnesses. But we could not dare not question if they received it, even though some of us we were ostracized from our family and friends because we chose to keep our immune system intact. 

I 100% stand by my decision to not be pressured into the jab and that I stated it publicly. The confidence I gained through this experience and the quality of relationships I have now vs 2 years ago has made it all worth it. 

And now that we can see in the rear view the events of 2021-2022 clearer, are we prepared for what’s coming in 2024?

I don’t think I need to remind anyone that 2020 was an election year and wouldn’t you know it,- we are in the thick of primary season and it looks like our November election ticket will be a carbon copy of the previous choices. 

Are you prepared for the next round of propaganda? We survived the last few years but I fear that something else is coming down the tracks that will be similar to the events of the early 2020s. That is why voices like those here at AmericanMom are so important. Unapologetic women who love this country and traditional values. The connection here is strong and we are growing! A happy place in the corner of the internet where we share stories about how to better take care of our families and communities- not through the lens of anything but our long established American culture.  

Our voice at AmericanMom will only grow stronger in 2024 and it is because of our sisterhood made up of Moms like you. Won’t you join us? Join as a contributor or subscribe to our newsletter!