Shop America This Christmas

AmericanMom encourages American women, and anyone who wants to support American-made, to disconnect themselves from the large corporations that disagree with your values. Instead, connect with the smaller shops, the artisans, and the patriots who are trying to make America great and provide for their families. This Christmas and holiday season, we hope you consider shopping America!

In order to help you disconnect and reconnect, we’ve curated a collection of companies that have your interests in mind.


A’del Cosmetics

Every product from A’del is toxin-free and packed with nutrient-rich ingredients that are great for your skin and highlight natural beauty. And everything is handmade by the A’del team right in the USA! From lotion bars to foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and more, the A’del products can fulfill your whole makeup and skin care routine.

Not sure if the person you’re shopping for will like their products? Start with a Rose Mask!

Ranger Station

This small, boutique fragrance shop is based in Nashville where all of their scents for their perfumes and candles are crafted by the founders and their staff. Inspired by craft cocktails, music, and inspiring memories, they create scents that are long-lasting with honest ingredients.

Their perfumes are unisex, but they offer a discovery set to try each out. Or, you can try one of their candles.

Clothes & Accessories

Kasey’s Corner Shop

Kasey’s Corner Shop is a small business based in PA. The owner and creative mind behind the shirt, sweatshirt, keychain, sticker, and custom designs started the company when she was in college. The brand’s mission is Christ-centered with the purpose of encouraging and uplifting believers and providing modest clothing options for women.

Check out the Kasey’s Corner Shop collection of t-shirts and other accessories on the shop’s website.

Conviction Co.

A little more political, Conviction Co. is another clothing retailer that sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, and tote bags with simple messages like “I don’t Co-Parent with the Government”, as well as Bible verses and other inspiring messages in attractive fonts and designs.

Shop the Conviction Co. collection on their website (and check out our shop pick, the Will Not Comply sweatshirt).

Made By Mary

Handcrafted jewelry tells a different, more personal story. That was the foundation for Made by Mary which was started by the founder, Mary, as she battled postpartum depression and sought her passion and purpose. Each piece of the Made by Mary necklace, ring, bracelet, and earring collection is meant to support and uplift women through the beautiful and rough moments of life.

The Made by Mary collections are expansive, so you’ll have no trouble finding something for everyone, but we recommend the Pause Collection and the Nora Disc Necklace.

Prois Hunting

Prois founder, Kirstie Pike, has set out to create high quality hunting gear for women that serves their needs while outdoors in all terrains. Prois sells hunting gear that supports all outdoor pursuits and passions including neck gaiters, gloves, boots, jackets, shirts, backpacks, and knives.

Some of our recommendations include the Tintri Lightweight Pant and the Greann Jacket.

Egard Watches

Egard’s watches are masterfully crafted, luxury timepieces for both men and women. Proud supporters of the police who serve our communities, as well as many other truths and American values, this American company is a fantastic option for quality watches and supporting American principles.

We recommend the Dali V2 Steel for the men, and the Dali F2 Rose for women.

Home & Lifestyle

80 Acre Market

This family-owned company had humble beginnings and is built on a people-first philosophy that has helped the company grow from a dream to a 1-million square foot work campus in East Texas and an online shop. Their eclectic collection of home goods, kitchen wares, toiletries, clothing, kids toys, books, decor, and more has a bespoke feel. You can find something for everyone in their lovely, boutique-style shop.

Shop their collections here, and check out our picks: the Oval Scalloped Plate and the Small Envelope Leather Card Wallet.

Ballerina Farm

We here at AmericanMom have been following the Ballerina Farm family and their farming journey for quite some time and we’re obsessed with their mountain views, family connection, home cooking stories, and company growth. If you have a bread-maker in your family or someone who is determined to head back to their culinary roots, the Ballerina Farm breakfast box, ground beef box, sourdough kit, aprons, soaps, kitchen tools, and more will be the perfect gift!

For beginners, we recommend their apron (they have kids sizes too!), Danish hook, cutting board, and sourdough starter.

Gold River Trading Company Tea

If you listen to conservative podcasts, you’ve probably heard about Gold River Trading Company’s teas, coffees, and hot chocolates. They have certainly shown their support for conservatives, which makes them the perfect replacement for that daily Starbucks!

Fredericksburg Cast Iron

If you’re looking for quality cast iron that is 100% made in America, then Fredericksburg Cast Iron has you covered! Made in Texas, they offer a huge variety of items including chef’s knives, coasters, and trivets.

Grow in Grace Journal

This simple, lined notebook is the perfect journal for any woman. Uncomplicated, yet beautiful, this is a great notebook for journaling, taking notes on books, sermons, Bible study, and more. Oh, and it was created by an amazing American mama!

StopBox USA

StopBox USA was started as a solution to the plethora of firearm safes on the market that require batteries or rely on slow mechanisms or codes. Instead, StopBox technology requires nothing but your own hand and a hand gesture coded lock. Simple, yet incredibly effective, these gun safes are perfect for any gun owner who wants to keep their firearm out of reach of children, but still accessible when needed. Oh, and everything is made right here in the U.S.!

Some StopBox highly recommend trying out the original StopBox

Liberty tabletop 

This family-owned, New York-based company is the last flatware company in America. All of their materials and products are produced in the U.S. and they create a variety of kitchen, tabletop, and home essentials that make the perfect gifts for anyone on your list!

Some of our favorites are the Nordic Glass set, Craft Beer Glass set, and the Premier Barbeque Set.


Dirt King Tricycle

Dirt King USA is proudly American-made. Their tricycles are sturdy and all-terrain, so perfect for the farm kid, the forest wanderer, or the city slicker. No matter where you kid likes to adventure, the Dirt King Tricycle will get them there. Plus, these durable tricycles can be passed down to the next kid as each grows out of it.

Shop the Dirt King collection on their website.

Uncle Goose Blocks

The super pretty Uncle Goose Blocks are handmade in Michigan and use American Basswood, non-toxic paints, and eco-friendly packaging. All of their blocks are recommended for ages 2+ but can still be gifted as a baby shower gift or for Christmas to a new baby and used for decoration until they’re old enough – because they are just that cute! One of the best things about Uncle Goose is that they sell language block sets as well as alphabet sets, so your toddler can play and learn!

Our favorite Uncle Goose products are Modern Chips and the Classic ABC blocks.

Luke’s Toy Factory

Luke’s Toy Factory is a family business with a passion for creating toys that inspire creativity and learning, but are also eco-friendly. Deigned and built in Connecticut, Luke’s Toy Factory uses recycled materials to make a huge variety of toy trucks that have interchangeable parts. These simple and cute toys are perfect for any kid who’s obsessed with big trucks!

Our favorite options from Luke’s Toy Factory are the Educational Four Pack and the Cargo Dump Two Pack.

Fox in the Pines Designs

Started by an American woman determined to live the American dream and rekindle her woodworking hobby, Fox in the Pines Designs is a boutique toy and accessories store that uses all American materials. The store was started on Etsy in 2020 and has grown into a thriving business with hand-made Montessori-inspired products.

Our favorite Fox in the Pines Designs are the Animal Wheel Toys, Fabric Crown and Wand, and the Teakwood Camera.


Milkbarn was started by a mother-daughter duo who combine their artistic talents into a beautiful company that makes comfy kids apparel. From pj’s to bibs and bloomers, the Milkbarn collection uses natural color tones and simple silhouettes for all their pieces.

We really like their Snap-footed Romper, Dress and Legging Set, and Classic Overalls.

Ambitious Kids

Ambitious Kids was started by an American dad who saw all the personality gushing from his son and just had to infuse it into a line of fun, retro-inspired t-shirts. These cute graphic tees have a variety of designs that capture the toddler experience, tantrums and all.

Some of our favorites are the Preschool Hoodie and the Master of Negotiation T-Shirt.