Taking a Leap of Faith & Pursuing My Passion

Years ago, as a stay-at-home mom with two young boys, I felt fulfilled. Raising them had been my work, one that I relished and enjoyed. The days were busy with business that involved sword fighting, Legos, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

They were years that went by fast but also years that knew how to test my patience and affirm my role as CEO of the home.

When my oldest went to elementary school, and my youngest was in preschool, my time became a touch more fluid. We knew we could use the extra income if I went to work, but I didn’t want to work full-time outside the house. 

I needed a way to make a little money by doing something I loved, preferably at home. This was a three-part requirement that seemed hard to find. While I loved writing, that was already a skill I was honing. I needed something else.

Finding My Passion

So, with faith, and hope, I prayed a lot about it. What did I like to do? What could I see myself doing? Was there even something I could do at home? Doubt crept in as I prayed and thought about the ramifications of owning my small business. Am I crazy for wanting this?

One day, I found myself in a thrift store (something I did often). I love and wear vintage clothing, and I have for years. Having bought and sold a few vintage items over the years on a large online auction platform, I knew how it worked. But, I wondered… was this something I could do on a grander scale and make some money from it?

That night, as I discussed this idea with my husband, I could already see myself enjoying this “job.” It would essentially be a hobby-turned-job that just happened to make a little money on the side. It also fulfilled the three requirements I was looking for: I would work from home, it would make money, and it was something I loved. I had my husband’s support.

All I had to do was do it!

Pursuing My Passion

So, with little experience, and only an idea of what I loved to wear, I found a few items and listed them on a new online platform that had recently started. I listed items one by one, slowly building my inventory. I named my online shop, got a business license, and made money set aside for taxes.

Today, over thirteen years later, I am still selling vintage clothing, still loving it with all my heart, and I still wake up overjoyed that I can make money doing what I love; doing something so dear to me! God answered my prayer of finding something to do, that made money, with something I loved. 

But, getting there took faith. It took a leap of faith to buy clothing I had no idea would sell. It took faith to get a business license. And it took faith that I could do this all by myself: I would be the buyer, cleaner, photographer, item lister, shipper, and accountant! It was a big step but it was a step in the direction I wanted to go. 

When we tell God our desires and have faith, He will help us realize those desires – in His way and His time – we can’t help but succeed. With a lot of prayer and faith, my love for vintage is now sent out worldwide. 

Only God could come up with an answer like that to my faith-filled request.