How ya’ livin’?PC: Unsplash

“‘How ya’ livin’? How ya’ livin’?’ Every day, ask yourself that question. How you living?”  – Rick Rigsby

In America, we are blessed with the freedom to choose how we live, where we live, what we do, which religion we practice, and the way in which we raise our children.

“Here’s what a cook would suggest you to live, this way, that you would not judge, that you would show up early, that you’d be kind, that you make sure that that servant’s towel is huge and used, that if you’re going to do something, you do it the right way. That cook would tell you this, that it’s never wrong to do the right thing, that how you do anything is how you do everything, and in that way, you will grow your influence to make an impact.” – Rick Rigsby

Inspirational speaker, Rick Rigsby, stands in front of crowds of students on the precipice of their new lives. He looks them in the eye and tells them, no matter what they become, to live well – be kind, show up early, don’t judge, and know that how you do anything is how you do everything.

It is this sentiment – how you do anything is how you do everything – that inspires a sense of responsibility. Not only to ourselves and our communities, but to the values, traditions, sacrifices, and beliefs that have gotten us where we are today. Our habits and daily lives are influenced by a million different factors but, ultimately, the way you live reflects your values. True, heart-of-America values or otherwise, your daily life reflects every internal belief you hold, every last thing, person, ideal you prioritize, and every dream you have.

How are you living?

Your lifestyle, formed to revolve around everything you hold dear, plays a huge part in who you are and what you become. Sometimes we forget and we go along with the status quo, falling into the trap of the daily battle/grind of all the to-do’s, we do things because that’s what we’ve done all along: work, clean, cook, take care of kids, etc, etc.

But we were given a strange gift with Covid. We had the chance to sit down, take a step back, look around, examine our lives, and truly prioritize what matters. We stayed home, spent more time with our kids, our spouses, we reached out to friends to see how they were doing, we realized how much we missed regularly attending religious services in person, and some of us began to recognize that life is short and could be so much more.

Separating yourself from the chaos and trap of daily routine for the sake of daily routine can insulate you from the world and its influences, it can give you a purpose beyond ‘get to tomorrow’, force your perspective – showing what truly matters when everything else is stripped away.

When you look on social media and see the couple that abandoned everything to become ranchers, farmers, mountain dwellers, van-life adventurers, homeschoolers, etc., what do you see? Have you ever felt the urge to do the same? So many people have abandoned their daily grinds, quit their jobs, moved to other states, and took their kids out of school (Washington State’s school enrollment dropped 3.9% from 2019 to 2020, Massachusetts lost 4% of its school enrollment, and California saw an unprecedented mass exodus of 182,000 residents) in the name of a more fulfilled life; one lived slowly, purposefully, kindly, and resourcefully.

“In that way, you will honor all those who have gone before you who have invested in you. Look in those unlikeliest places for wisdom. Enhance your life every day by seeking that wisdom and asking yourself every night, ‘How am I living?’” – Rick Rigsby

This isn’t the only way to live. But the natural desire to live life to the fullest is not a feeling reserved for only a few. It’s something that is deeply rooted in us all – it’s what inspired the founding of this country, after all – and it might just start with the simple, life-changing question: How ya’ livin’?

AmericanMom is proud to have a Living section where we highlight the different lifestyles that freedom and living in America allows.

So, how you living? Are you living the dream of a homesteader? Or waking up to a mountain view daily? Did you sell everything, buy an RV and are traveling America while working remote and homeschooling your kids? From your front door, do you look out over a lake, or a field of cows every morning? Where do you hike, what do you cook, and in what ways do you ensure your living is reflecting your values?

Tell us! Share how you’re living in our Living section. Become a contributor here, and let us know what it is about the way you’re living that you want others to know.

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