Five Cornerstones of a Mama BearPC: Taylor Welch

Now that we have had the call to rise as Mama Bears, it is time to accept it and dig our claws in. I would never call my readers to something I am unwilling or not actively engaged in myself; this “Mama Bear” calling is a fire in me, and it burns fierce. I have a passion to see mothers go against the social status-quo, stick to their core beliefs and to our traditional American values. Living this way takes guts; it is work, sometimes grueling, but as I have said before, our children are worth it. As Mama Bears, we are the cornerstone of society. We hold fast and stay strong in the storm. As Mamas we are the lasting memory of what was and we are raising the hope for a future that is to come, what a monumental task.

“The cornerstone. The first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation. As the first stone laid, it becomes the reference point for all other stones laid subsequent to it. Everything finds its definition in this one piece – the cornerstone”**

 This cornerstone life is mandatory if we want to see the next generation as thriving and free. We are the last stand Mamas, if we lose this societal war, we lose everything. There is no next time, this is it. This begs the question, “What do we do?” Although these points only scratch the surface of what needs to be done, I have them in my Mama Bear arsenal ready and within my reach for any battle at hand.

Five Cornerstones of a Mama Bear: Applying This Role to Your Life

  1. Set Yourself Apart:
    Don’t be afraid to live differently. This is the most important aspect of being brave. All true acts of bravery consisted of one person deciding to do or to try something different. We as Moms are called to something greater. We are the cornerstone for the next generation. Dig your heels in girl, live in truth, go against the woke culture.
  2. Speak Loudly & Speak up:
    Let your voice be heard. Be the change you want to see. You are the one standing between your child and the rest of the world, so be loud. Know the truth, know what you are fighting for. Be willing to speak out no matter what, even if it makes you afraid. You are the authority in your child’s life, not their teachers or pediatrician. If something isn’t right or you are not comfortable, speak up and say so. Learn how to say no for the sake of your children. Be willing to offend some people if it means protecting and doing what is best for your child.
  1. Be Present:
    Be present in your children’s lives. We are all guilty of tuning out, but this is not the time to be passive. Put down your phone, know what your kids are doing, who they’re talking to, and what they are watching. This is what hypervigilance looks like. We are accountable for what our kids are doing and what they are filling their minds with. If you are not the one guiding them and setting solid principles as the foundation someone else will. You are raising them to be the next cornerstones, in a world that would love for you to be distracted, show them something different by being the safeguard of your family.
  1. Know It:
    Knowledge is power; arm yourself with it. Know the reason behind your beliefs. Know what convictions you have and be ready to defend them. The world is changing rapidly and not for the better; it is time to start knowing a thing or two so you can be on the defense. Whether it is education, sexual orientation, religion or vaccination-just to name a few of the thousands of hot topics hitting this generation. Know your stance on those things and be ready to stand on them, because there is a system that wants your kids. They will try to run you over and crush you. Instead, be the bulldozer, don’t back down. This point is so important, we live in an age where anything goes, except for truth, absolutes, and godliness.
  1. Teach It:
    No one is more equipped to teach your child better than you. If you want to see a change in the world, it starts in the home. Morals, values, faith and tradition are all taught at home. Moms are the ones who will teach their children the difference between right and wrong, what it means to live in truth and how to stand for it. If we want our kids to be warriors for what is right, it must be taught by no one other than their mothers.

These are principles that should be taken to heart and to practice consistently. Our families count on us to be the solid foundation, if we are going to bear the burden let us do so willingly. Knowing that our greatest accomplishment we will ever achieve is raising our children in truth and freedom. If my child asks me one day “Why didn’t you fight for me Mama?” then I have completely failed. The fight is ours and the battle is here.

The worldly ideology is vast and dark, but we can be the light, letting the truth shine bright. We can look back and say we did everything we could, even if it looks like a losing battle. Stay strong Mama Bears and stand tall, the battle has just begun; so, lets arm ourselves, standing side by side, because with the cornerstone in place the foundation is firm.

“People say you have to pick your battles, I say fine, I pick every battle, because the battles you don’t pick you lose.”

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