There’s an April in All of UsPC: Jessica Morgan

Last night, one of my very closest friends won a school board race in Jacksonville, Florida. I never thought I would get this involved in politics, but alas- I spent Election Day waving signs at honking cars, texting friends, and asking people if they needed a ride to the polls. The irony of her victory was that exactly one year ago to the day, we stood in front of the Duval County School Board,- armed with signs and facts about COVID, masking, and children. Over 100 people made comments but the Board continued to violate our Governor’s Parental Rights bill that was put into law that July. The Chairman of that very board lost her seat to my friend last night.

April is just a Mom like us,- she has a husband, two daughters, and two dogs. She’s not a politician, but rather a Mama Bear filled with so much conviction that not even a $100,000 donation from the federal teacher’s union to her opponent could intimidate her. I’ve watched my friend go from concerned Mom to an amazing articulate, passionate advocate for parents and children. I wasn’t the only person that admired her- she was one of the few School Board candidates endorsed by Governor Ron DeSantis. Why am I sharing this? Because we all have an April inside of us.

April turned her anger into action, and her action lit a fire in all of us that know her. What I would consider an impossible feat- defeating a union-backed incumbent,- was made possible with tons of hard work and lots of prayer. What are you passionate about, but scares you a little? Is there a still, small voice that whispers to you when you’re lying in bed at the end of the day? Go do that scary thing. For those of us who trust in God, all things are working together for our good. April will be the first to tell you how in every step of this process, God gave her what she needed when she needed it.

What did I personally learn from my friend April? That when God puts something in your heart, He will not leave you, He will be with you through it. What a blessing it has been to watch April go from a fellow freedom loving Mama, to a very good friend, to now my local School Board representative for my kids.

Undeterred April. There’s one inside all of us.