Celebrating REAL Women Heroes

We’ve watched and waited as women’s history month has gone forward. Sadly, we’ve had lots of examples where men, who claim to be women, have received awards, have been praised, raised up, and celebrated for their “femininity”, “womanly strength”, and “bravery.” If you weren’t insulted before, you should be now. So we’d like to offer a space to celebrate REAL women heroes. You know, the ones who gave birth to us, the ones who fight for their fellow women, the women who have sacrificed a ton for their children, the ones who have experienced discrimination in women’s spaces, and the REAL women who have been told to shut up and sit down in deference to men masquerading as women.

Here are some historical and contemporary women who haven’t received the recognition they deserve. We applaud these women for their bravery, courage, feistiness, toughness, resilience, and commitment to and sacrifice for those they love, their community, and their country.


We want to celebrate YOU! The everyday woman. History is impacted and made by the everyday woman and mother who follows her nature to protect, nurture,
and fight the daily battle.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a mom who also works outside of the home, there are battles you fight everyday for the betterment of your family and children. You are the mama bear, the director of housework, the chauffeur, the chef, the comforter, the coach, the cheerleader, the nurse, the psychologist, the shaper of future generations, and so so so so much more! You bring doctors, teachers, nurses, writers, engineers, garbage collectors, inventors, plumbers, singers, artists, truck drivers, programmers, farmers, preachers, and future fathers and mothers into this world. The work you are doing now will keep the human race moving.

This often thankless job of being a mom gets minimal recognition by the powers that be. So thank you. Thank you for being everything that you are. Your impact is felt far and wide. More importantly, your love is felt deeply. THANK YOU!

The Homeschooling Mom

The homeschooling mom has reached a whole new level of extraordinary.

Homeschooling has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years (between 2020 and 2022 the number of homeschooled students went from 3.76 million to 4.3 million) and homeschool moms are at the heart of that growth. Choosing to educate your child at home is no small feat. Additionally, there are tons of benefits that both children and parents enjoy. Your impact as a homeschool mom is vast!

Here are some amazing homeschooling stats from thinkimpact.com:

  • Homeschooled students score between 80% and 90% regardless of their parent’s level of education.
  • Boys score 44% more in reading tests when educated at home compared to when educated in public schools.
  • 98% of the home-educated students engage in an average of 5 activities outside their homes
  • Homeschooling saves the federal government about $24 billion of taxpayer money

Nicole Solas

Nicole Solas

Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The target of a corrupt school board and collapsing education system, Nicole Solas was sued by her local school board after submitting a records request for the curriculum of her children. Sued by the school district, harassed by the local teacher’s union, and painted as an enemy of the state at a secret meeting to specifically discuss her, Nicole is speaking out about the deficiencies and bullying within local school districts and the teacher’s unions that run them.

Angeli Gómez

Angeli Rose Gomez

PC: MamasLatinas.com

Mama bear in action. Angeli Gómez was the mother of Uvalde students stuck in their school with a mass shooter. She ran into the school to save her sons, even when police tried to stop her.

April Carney
April Carney

April Carney ran for school board last year – and won! Through all the harassment she suffered and the pushback she received, as well as the shock and heartbreak of having one of her best friends referred to as a “token” in her campaign, April kept moving. Her “why” – her children and their education – as well as the support of her family kept her fighting for what is right.

Lila Rose

Lila Rose

PC: Live Action

Lila Rose is the founder of the pro-life organization Live Action. Her advocacy for the unborn has garnered plenty of discrimination and harassment. She makes public appearances on television talk shows spreading the pro-life message that life is life at all stages of development and that women deserve better than abortions. Recently, Lila has had her Instagram account shut down and has experienced pushback and banning on social media platforms.

Riley Barker

Riley Barker

PC: Marca-Riley Barker

Riley Barker (nee Gaines) was a swimmer for the University of Kentucky. She was forced to compete alongside Lia Thomas (who gained fame as a transgender swimmer). Riley is speaking out for her team and fellow women athletes, asking the NCAA to no longer allow transgender athletes into women’s sports. She has been one of the only athletes brave enough to speak out against Lea Thomas and discuss the discrimination, shaming, and bullying her and her fellow female athletes experienced after filing complaints or saying that they were uncomfortable changing with Thomas in the locker room.

Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly

PC: The Eagle Forum

You all know we at AmericanMom are huge fans of Phyllis Schlafly, so it’s only appropriate to praise her in this article as well. Phyllis fought hard for American women, including her own children, was a devoted housewife and mother, passed the bar, became a lawyer, and testified in front of Congress. She is most known for her fight against the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). A true feminist, Phyllis had the actual interest of women like her at heart, knowing that women and men are different and have different skills. Check out our article, Be More Like Phyllis Schlafly.

Jennifer Sey

Jennifer Sey

PC: New York Post

A top executive at Levi’s, Jennifer Sey found herself on the wrong (and by wrong we mean completely correct) side of the COVID mask and policy debate. In 2022, Jennifer was forced out of her job as Global Brand President for Levi’s after she voiced her opinion that schools should be open and children should not be masked. Despite losing her job over this issue, she has found a new voice and has persisted in her advocacy for what is right.

Landon Starbuck

Landon Starbuck

PC: Twitter/Landon Starbuck

Speaking of mothers being the protectors of children. Landon Starbuck is a wife and mother, as well as the Founder and President of Freedom Forever, an organization dedicated to eradicating child sexual abuse and exploitation. Combating everything from “family friendly” drag shows, to transgenderism, sex trafficking, and more, Freedom Forever is fighting for children, their safety, and their future. Landon, because of her work, has been featured on prominent podcasts and talk shows, but she’s also been banned on social media platforms and even has a TEDx talk that has been banned.