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Growing up I had heard time and time again, that buying for men was so difficult.  I would overhear the ladies at church discussing what they could get their husband, or ladies in our family discussing what they should get their sons. Many times the general consensus was a necktie! When I reached marriage I had in my mind that buying my husband birthday, or Christmas gifts was going to be socks, neck ties and well, boring.

Boy howdy, was I wrong! Let me tell you what I found out… those ladies were shopping in the wrong places! There’s an abundance of creative options out there that the men in your life is sure to love.

While socks are needful and still often under the tree Christmas morning with my husband’s name on the package,  I learned there’s many tremendous gifting options out there!  I have found that I now really enjoy buying for the men in my life. It can be a challenge and you may not get to shop in your favorite boutique or online shoppe, but you will definitely find some awesome products.

The list below are outstanding American made products I found.

I do want to make sure and pause to stress the importance of buying American made for your man. Whether you’re on the hunt for that perfect Christmas gift for your dad, husband, brother or grandpa, chances are that man of yours has or is working. I was blessed to have married a true blue, all American cowboy. He’s the hardest working man I’ve been around and I consider myself very lucky for finding him. (Or him me, depends on which one of us you ask!) After seeing him work out in the elements all year long, providing for our family and doing his part to keep our great country in motion, I want to make sure my purchase for his Christmas will go towards another working, American family’s income. I want to step up and be mindful of who my Christmas giving is benefiting beyond my gift recipient.

By buying American made, you’re giving back into the economy that your man (and you yourself!) are trying so hard to help succeed. You’re investing in a workforce that your children or grandchildren are preparing to enter. You are helping chances for them to have a strong future. When you make purchases that have the  “made in USA” label on them, you let the company, big or small, know that it’s important to you that they keep their production State side. With that in mind, let’s be mindful this season to double check for that made in USA label!

Christmas gift ideas for men – Made in the USA:

  • Duke Cannon– I stumbled across this line 8 Christmases ago when grabbing one of their brick soaps to put in my husband’s stocking. I am crazy about their scents! From the brick soap, Thick Body Wash to their cologne, there hasn’t been a fragrance that I am not absolutely wild about on my hubby. (Ladies, I can guarantee you’re going to love this gift too!)
    Duke Cannon is now my husband’s grooming brand of choice. We’ve gifted Duke Cannon to brothers and uncles over the years. They have several cool gift sets if you’re not sure where to start. Or if you’re looking for stocking stuffers, the shampoo pucks, Offensively Large Lip Balm and Lump of Coal brick soap are excellent novelty items. A portion of Duke Cannon’s proceeds go to veterans, talk about all-American!
  • Lodge Cast Iron Grill PressIf the man you’re shopping for enjoys grilling or even cooking in the kitchen,  then this is a great gift for him! This grill press comes in 3 different sizes, has a hammered finished look, is seasoned and ready to use.
  • Mag LiteMag Lite has proudly never left the States, they have always been a made in America company. Pretty high chances the men in your life are already loyal Mag Lite consumers. I had a lot of fun shopping on their site, there’s literally a flash light for everyone. Superhero fan – they got you covered. Military man? Covered you too.  No matter your budget this year, you will be able to find a gift on here for all the guys on your Christmas list.
    My advice?  When in doubt, go with the flash light. There’s not a male alive that doesn’t enjoy a good flash light and Mag Lite is top of the line. You can thank me later!
  • Dango Tactical WalletSophisticated, slim and hardy with a slight edge of industrial, these wallets are the practical gift. Reviewers rave about this minimalist wallet. Designed and made in the States with multiple styles, you’re bound to find one that suits the man in your life.
  • John Wayne Stock & Supply Onward VestIf he’s a fan of John Wayne (and what American man isn’t?!) , than this Carhartt vest is the gift for him. Insulated, wind resistant as well as water repellent, this high quality vest is suited for the Duke himself.
  • Men’s Rugged Roller Belt from L.L. BeanA fine belt to add to the wardrobe, reviews rave about its durability and good looks! Like many items from L.L. Bean, this men’s belt is made in the USA. It’s made with 100% full grain leather. 
  • Taste of MontanaBacon. Uh huh, you read that right. Bacon. It makes the list for the perfect Christmas gift for a guy. Because honestly, have you met a man that didn’t love bacon?Taste of Montana has numerous, mouth watering flavors of bacon. It would be hard not finding one that your guy will love. This is also ‘across the miles’ Christmas gifting perfection… can you just imagine his smile broadening across his face as he sees you sent him bacon? Yep. It’s a winner.
  • Weather Tech Floor LinerMost men have a long term love affair with automobiles, so this gift idea is for his ride.  Weather Tech laser cuts these floor liners to get perfect fit for each one! This liner will keep mud, sand and even fluid off your man’s beloved vehicle.
  • Battle Ax Leathers Waxed Canvas Tool RollThis exquisite tool roll features six pockets, leather straps and a leather bottom. The site boasts of its sturdy material and heavy waxed canvas. American handiwork at its finest, this tool roll is one that will be frequently used.
  • Kunz Guitars– These handmade guitars are a masterpiece. The musician in your life is going to be wowed when he opens one of these! Kunz Guitars has several woods to choose from as well as various styles of guitars. If you’re not feeling brave enough to order a custom guitar for your rock star, Kunz also makes some stellar clocks! The clocks,in the shape of a guitar, are just as detailed and handsome as the guitars themselves!
  • Libertatum Apparel Co. American Flag HatEvery aspect of this hat is American. The fabric components are grown, made, woven and cut here, then sewn together by a fellow American. A portion of their proceedings then goes to support veterans. This company has patriotism at its core. Offered in red, gray, black and khaki, it’s a ideal gift for any patriot of any age.
  • American Giant Classic Full Zip HoodieMade in North Carolina, American Giant boasts that this is the greatest hoodie ever made! It comes in three standard color options as well a few limited colors and patterns. This versatile hoodie would be suited for anyone.
  • MTM 3 Can Ammo Crate from Kevin’s Fine Outdoor GearI wasn’t too sure if this was Christmas gift material. So just to be on the safe side I asked a couple different fellows and was reassured , yes indeed, “in fact, put it on my Christmas list” was the answer! So, here it is!
  • Sloan Brands, Mini Personalized Steak BrandHere’s for the steak lover in your life! This fun gift is made on a ranch in Texas which you can order directly from or from their Amazon shop. You can choose from 2-3 initials, or a monogram brand. Whether it’s for the hardworking cattleman or the guy who’s proud of his grilling skills, this is a one of a kind gift.
  • Wooden States Magnetic Key HolderI love this gift so much, functional and personable! He’ll show off some state pride every time he puts up his keys. These attractive key holders are veteran made in Kentucky.

*Disclaimer: Neither the author or AmericanMom benefit from commissions or otherwise from this list of American made products.